Friday, April 29, 2005

problems connecting

I'm still having problems getting computer access... the times when I am usually able to be online are the times when my friend is always online, so it's tough. We are glad to be here, not only because of recent events, but also because of problems that my friends are having. It is good, albeit heartbreaking, to see what they are dealing with up close, and to help however we can.

It looks like we are not going home until Saturday. Brian wants to stay another day, he also doesn't want to be in New York while President Bush is there. We are still worried that something else is going to happen. Someone was arrested at JFK today posing as a pilot. It's very scary, obviously. But I want to be home. I am feeling a stonger need to be there. It looks like I will need to return to work next week. Brian had a job scheduled for 3 days, a commercial, but I doubt it will happen. I need to call the agency tomorrow and let them know what I am doing. So I guess I need to decide... Brian is feeling better, but I'm still nervous about leaving him alone.

On a lighter note, while we were in PA, we did get his driver's license taken care of. It took all of five minutes, and was a welcome change from all the doom and gloom in our lives right now